Here’s our simple guide to the process.1. Finding out general information about the book. Size, number of pages, etc. Where will it be published (Amazon and similar platforms)? Printed form or e-book only.2. Pencil rough illustrations of the main characters. After approval, a detailed drawing in color with textures.3. Pencil rough illustrations for the whole book (storyboard of each page with illustration and schematic text placement)4. High-quality color illustration of all approved pages5. Cover design (Pencil rough illustrations)6. Cover illustrations in color. Front, back, and spine design. Adding all the necessary information (about the author, ISBN, barcode, etc.)7. The final step is your interior book design. Here we lay out your illustrations and add all the text, choosing the perfect typography and colors.8. Upon receipt of the final payment, delivery of final hi-res color artwork

So how much do book illustrations cost?

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    Spot Illustration

    ● Small, simple illustrations to liven up a page with text.● They’re a quarter of a page or less with no background.● Can be placed as a chapter heading, corner decoration, or next to/within a body of text● One character or object.● Two simple characters/objects

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    Half Page Illustration

    ● As the name says, this is an illustration that fills half a page.● While it can be detailed, due to its smaller size, the background will be less detailed than a full-page illustration.● Up to two characters● Background

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    Full Page Illustration

    ● This is a full-page illustration where we pull out all the stops and include lots of detail!● We can also leave space for your text if needed.● Up to three characters● Detailed background

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    Spread Illustration

    ● Spread across two full pages, normally with text on the illustration.● While a mix of different illustration sizes makes a beautiful book, going all out and making your whole book double-page spreads will undoubtedly make it amazing!● Up to six characters● Detailed background

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    Book Cover Design

    ● Have a custom illustration created for your cover, plus a beautiful design, ready for ebook and print!● Front, back, and spine designed● Custom illustration (If you use an illustration from the book interior the price is only $65 for cover design)● Title beautifully designed● All required text and graphics added● ISBN and barcode added● Includes paperback, hardcover, and ebook formats● Set up for your chosen publishing platform(s)

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    Book Design

    ● The final step is your interior book design. Here we lay out your illustrations and add all the text, choosing the perfect typography and colors.● We also create your front and back matter pages.(Up to 32 pages. An additional $5 per page after that)● Typography suited to book● Customized typography colors● Full book layout● Print-ready and ebook files


The cost for editing your manuscript and creating the designs and illustrations will depend, to a great extent, on the length of your book and the amount of time involved. We've made a guide giving examples of different scenarios which you can access by clicking the link below.

We look forward to working with you to bring your project to life.